About Me

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for dropping by.  I guess in an “About Me” page, I should give a quick introduction about myself, so here goes.

My name is Lee Chu Keong (“Lee” is my surname), and I come from Klang, a pretty big town in Malaysia about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.  I studied at the La Salle Primary (Standard 1 to 6) and Secondary (Form 1 to 5) Schools, and then at the Anglo Chinese School (Lower and Upper 6) in Klang.  After my STPM (the Malaysian version of the A-Levels), I came over to Singapore to study.  I studied chemical engineering at the National University of Singapore, graduating in 1990, and so, I am a chemical engineer by training.

After I graduated from the National University of Singapore, the first organisation I worked at was McDermott South East Asia, where I was a process engineer.  I was there for a year, and then, I decided to try teaching.  I’ve been teaching since I started in 1991.

The first school I taught at was Singapore Polytechnic (in the Chemical Process Technology Department).  I taught at Singapore Polytechnic of slightly over eight years.  Next, I taught for a short time (a little less than two years) at Temasek Polytechnic.

Today (26 years later, gasp!), I teach at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (wakawaski), in Nanyang Technological University.  I have, so far, taught in two programmes, both postgraduate ones, namely, the Master of Science (Information Studies) and Master of Science (Knowledge Management).  In 2015, I taught the undergraduates for the first time (Foundations of Information Analytics (CS2400), in the Information Analytics track).  In 2016, the powers that be at wakawaski made the Information Analytics module a core module (so, CS2400 does not belong to any track any more).  I guess I’ll be teaching this module for some time to come.

I am currently the programme director for the Master of Science (Knowledge Management) and the Master of Science (Information Studies) programmes.  I have diverse interest, and I have taught various modules in both programmes — Music and Art Sources and Services; Science and Technology Sources and Services; Management and Business Sources and Services; Sources and Searching; Foundations of Knowledge Management; and Information and Knowledge Assets.

Teaching is something I enjoy doing very much, and I’ve been told that I’m “natural” and “authentic” in front of the students, teaching.  I am humbled that I won the Nanyang Education Award (School Level only lah) in March 2015, mostly by having fun.  I’m really blessed because I’m doing what I love (and being paid for doing it).

I like to experiment, and now, I am experimenting with teaching using stamps and first day covers.  I take my students out on walks sometimes, because I think walking can help them think “out-of-the-box”.  They also tell me things they would not otherwise tell me during these walks.

Other than teaching, two projects occupy quite a bit of my time:

(I) The Mathematics Digital Library, or MathDL (https://mathematics-dl.org/)

The Mathematics Digital Library (MathDL) is a digital library of mathematics questions, taken mostly from out-of-print mathematics textbooks.  Joan Wee, an ex-student of mine, helped me to set up the website, and install the necessary WordPress plugins.  Anyone can use the questions for free.  In setting up this website, I had to learn Latex, a “language” for creating mathematical equations.

(II) Things.Photos (http://things.photos/)

Things.Photos is a digital library of artefacts (manmade things) from around the world.  Guo Yanru helped me to refine the initial ideas I had, and six very talented programmers helped me to put everything together.


The best way to contact me is through email:

  • ascklee@ntu.edu.sg
  • ascklee@gmail.com

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